Dr. Charles Livingston


Dr Charles Livingston is a doctor, fat loss expert, nutritionist, and an author. Some might be surprised to learn that he is also an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has studied SEO techniques and strategies for various years. Suffice it to say that he is a multi-talented man who has great amount of knowledge and thousands of satisfied clients.

Dr. Charles Livingston is a well known personal trainer, chiropractor and a certified nutritionist. He is the maker of a well known fat loss program Fat Loss Factor (FLF). Dr. Charles is well qualified and completed his doctorate in chiropractic from a leading chiropractic college known as Palmer College in Davenport.

Certificates and Honors

Dr. Charles Livingston (aka Dr. Michael Allen) was given Certificate of Practitioner in Chiropractic Wellness. The certificate was rewarded by the International Association of Chiropractors which is surely a great honor for Dr. Charles. He has achieved various certificates in health related fields including Anesthesia Certificate which was given to him when he spent some time with specialists in anesthesia pain management.

Charles' certificates

Dr. Charles’s Passion about Nutrition

Dr. Charles is so passionate about discovering and exploring new ways to improve healthy living and has dedicated his whole life to learn about such secrets. He is especially interested in role of nutrition in achieving sound body and mind by burning excessive fat and toxins from the body. This is the reason how he developed Fat Loss Factor Program which greatly shows the efforts he made to discover newer and more effective ways to lose weight.

Approach to Weight Loss

Dr. Allen is well qualified and experienced and has done a wonderful research in nutrition and weight loss process. All these important factors play a positive role in making him more confident and describing his view about weight loss approach. His ideas are always unique and effective in helping people lose weight and gain lean and healthy body.

Practical Experience

Dr. Allen was not someone who learned a few weight loss techniques and started training people, but he spent a number of years in research and experiments about nutrition and their effects in weight loss. When he felt full confident about his success, he finally decided to bring his discoveries to the knowledge of common people who were desperately looking for someone to help them lose weight and live healthy lives.

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A Well Known Author

Dr. Allen soon became a popular fitness and weight loss expert, but he also started compiling his findings and wrote a number of books about nutrition and weight loss. His writing approach and style is also unique and different from other authors. Unlike most of the authors, he preferred to write a separate book for a separate topic. Therefore, the readers observe that his writing style does not confuse them and they find it more useful and interesting to read about various topics in various books rather than reading a mixture of topics in one book.

Programs Offered by Dr Charles Livingston

He has made 2 online programs pertaining to weight loss known as ‘Fat Loss Factor’ and ‘Cellulite Factor’. As mentioned above, he does not mix up the topics so that his programs users can take the maximum advantage and stay focused to achieve the desired goals.

Many people take cellulite as a weight loss issue; in fact, cellulite is completely a different issue and has to be treated with absolute focus on the cellulite affected areas. Being a doctor and nutritionist, Michael understands the difference clearly and has made different programs for both the issues.

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